EP#22: MySadie.co Shares E-Commerce Product Photography Essentials



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So you’ve heard it over and over again – branding is key to competing in the fashion industry. But what does branding actually mean?

Branding has evolved throughout the years. It is no longer just about a unique name or logo. It’s about telling your story as a business. How can you tell the compelling story of your e-commerce business? For starters, through your design, your copy, and your photography.

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On today’s show, I chat with Genevieve and Jeremy of Sadie on the importance of good product photography for e-commerce sites. They break down for us what makes for a great product photo, and where some business owners go wrong.

Sadie is a product photography studio that also specializes in e-commerce website design and marketing. Their mission is to make it easy for emerging brands to get a quality eCommerce website and product photography for an affordable price.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • where e-commerce business owners go wrong with their product photography
  • all the tools you need to amp up your e-commerce product photography
  • the difference between lifestyle and product photography
  • the types of equipment you should invest in
  • and more



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