EP#23: How To Penetrate the Chinese Market with Olivier Verot



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Today’s most successful e-commerce retailers see global expansion as a crucial platform for growth. Markets like Brazil, Russia, China, and India are growing at an unprecedented pace. Contrary to popular belief, businesses don’t need to be Fortune 500 companies to succeed in the global market. The opportunities are vast for fashion e-commerce businesses. So how can you capitalize as a small business?

On today’s show, Olivier Verot  discusses China’s e-commerce opportunities for small businesses. He breaks down what companies can do if they are interested in expanding their brand to China.

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Olivier is the founder of Gentlemen Marketing Agency. The Agency is based in Shanghai China and has worked with brands like Avene, Pierre Fabre, Fancy Cellar, amongst other. Gentlemen Marketing Agency specializes in working with Chinese search engines, social media channels, and press to increase traffic and buzz in the community.

In this podcast, Olivier explains how small businesses can leverage T-Mall, a chinese Ebay if you will, to start building their brand awareness. He urges brands to start immediately thinking about creating a presence in China before the market gets saturated. The Chinese consumer is open to new fashion brands and contrary to popular belief; copycats attack mainly high-end luxury brands.  Olivier explains, for this reason, the Chinese consumer shops online to avoid fakes. Authenticity is extremely important to the Chinese consumer. Overall, Olivier reassures us that penetrating the Chinese market is not as frightening and laborious as it might seem and the opportunities are vast.

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In this podcast you will learn:

  • the vast opportunities for small e-commerce businesses in China
  • how you can get started
  • the difference between a T-Mall and Alibaba store
  • the importance of shopping Forums in China
  • the top social media networks in China you should leverage (Weibo, WeChat, Youku, Baidu, etc.)
  • the truth behind intellectual property when doing business in China
  • best shipping practices and more



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