VD27: Miami Art Basel 2014 and Trend Forecasting



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Am I still talking about Miami Art Basel 2014? You bet. However, this time, I wanted to share a video overview of everything it had to offer. Miami Art Basel was a source of personal inspiration. I love art as it expresses how we collectively feel about the world around us. Art takes culture and re-mashes it. Miami Art Basel was filled with contemporary pieces that set the tone for trends to come.

The recurring trends I witnessed by visiting the various exhibits included pop-art, up-cycling, and minimalism. Many pieces, for instance, displayed enigmatic tag lines displayed in various context from “Are you really happy?” to “Ideally, this sign would remember you” to name a few.
Perhaps the goal to simply challenge us to self reflect.

How does art can relate to your business? It helps get attuned with the collective consciousness of the times. Art is a thermostat gauging potential trends to come. Many businesses become extremely successful because of their ability to trend forecast (i.e, Steve Jobs and Apple). While other brands struggle from not adapting their business accordingly (i.e, Delia’s declaring bankruptcy). It’s important to keep a pulse on technology, art, fashion and overall social sentiments to prepare your business.

Coca-Cola, after one hundred plus years in business, is a testimony on the importance of adapting to the times. I recently spotted a “Life is green” commercial catering to the recent years environmental friendly and natural ingredient trend. We might never drink Coca-Cola’s latest concoction, but they will manage to stay in our minds by trying to adapt to society’s new needs.

Watch this episode for highlights on trends worth paying attention to.

What do you think will be the next wave in 2015?

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