EP#30: Planning a healthy business / life balance in 2015 – Kristen Brown


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Can you believe it’s already the end of the year? The Holidays are a perfect time to reflect on all our accomplishments and plan for 2015. How can you continue to grow your business next year? How can you determine where to focus your energy to be more productive? What should you prioritize your time on? How can you have a better business life balance in 2015?

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Kristen Brown, the founder of the HappyHourEffect provides answers to these questions in this episode 30. Kristen Brown helps people create fresh ideas for personal and professional growth as a Speaker, 2-time-Bestselling Author, Widow Mom, Podcast Host and Strategist. She has appeared on TV shows such as Live with Kelly & Michael, Mayo, Regis, and more. Kristen’s personal story is a testament that passion, and determination can help us achieve anything we set our minds to. She also learned along the way about the self-sabotaging effects of stress.

In this podcast, Kristen provides insights in how we can have it all. She encourages us to create lists to help juggle each facet of our life. She shares ideas in how we can more clearly define our goals while making them attainable. Having a plan and weeding out unnecessary activities is vital in helping us reach our goals. I also love her  “power pee” concept, in which she urges us to find time to reflect on our day and refocus on the present.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, burned out or just want some advice in how to better manage your life business balance, you will love this podcast episode. Kristen’s tips will invigorate you and motivate you. Exactly, what we need this time of the year.

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You will learn in this podcast:

  • Methodologies to be more efficient
  • Exercises for the super busy
  • How to create a life map
  • How to minimize stress levels and stay zen
  • Tips to help you set clear attainable goals
  • The importance of setting reasonable expectations
  • How happiness and stress shapes our creative thinking


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  • Kristen Brown December 23, 2014  

    Thank you so much for having me! I am honored to be a guest on your amazing show! Thanks for inspiring business owners to embrace work and life harmony!

    • Luna Vega December 29, 2014  

      The pleasure was all mine Kristen. Thanks for providing such insightful tips 🙂