VD29: Reflections about Business Planning From the Everglades

Reflections About Business Growth from the Everglades - Luna Vega[sociallocker id=”12315″]

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I took a break from my computer the other day and went on a little excursion to the Everglades National Park. While hiking, I learned the Everglades is the “most threatened park in the U.S.” Its ecosystem is being disrupted by South Florida’s population growth. The urbanization in the region grew so quickly that it destroyed over fifty percent of the park in just forty years. Florida officials are now trying to halt the damage by stopping development to the west and encouraging re-urbanization of coastal cities.

Growing too fast can have ravaging effects. The fate of the Everglades surely shows that. A stagering thirty percent of all businesses fail within the first year, followed by fifty percent the second year. Businesses who have a slow and steady growth achieve greater results.

37signals has been in business for sixteen years. 37signals is the company behind Basecamp. They launched in 1999 as a web-design firm and transitioned into a software company in 2004. Their steady growth allowed them to map each of their decision. Their incremental advancement allowed them to achieve long term success. 37signals is one of the most respected companies in the tech industry. Their project management software Basecamp is widely used across several industries.

Needless to say, patience and thoughtful business planning are essential to the health of any business. Therefore, these next few weeks, I will create a series dedicated to helping you plan and achieve your business goals this year. Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel, so you won’t miss any of my episodes.

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