VD32: Creating a MVP for Your E-commerce Business

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A few weeks ago, I received a message from Claudia; she is currently working on re-launching her e-commerce business and feeling stuck deciding how comprehensive her website should be.
In this video, I provide five pillars necessary to launch your mvp (minimun viable product) e-commerce site. The beauty of digital media is that you can start with the basics and expand as your business grows.

When building your e-commerce presence you have two options to start building traction.

  1. Create a pre-sales page: You can create pre-sales pages either on Kickstarter or through a simple landing page. It’s a great way to build excitement and anticipation around your product while testing how receptive the market is for this new idea.
  2. Build your e-commerce site: If you already have an inventory ready to be sold, you can launch with your e-commerce site.

Below are five features, you will need before launching and creating your MVP:

  1. Responsive Design + Intuitive User Experience: It’s imperative for your e-commerce site to be responsive (meaning compatible with tablets and mobile devices). More and more shoppers are buying directly from their mobile and tablet devices. You could lose potential sales if your site is not optimized accordingly. Additionally, let people shop directly from your homepage, you have less than 30 seconds to grab their attention. Hiding your shop to a secondary page will decrease your e-commerce conversion rate.
  2. Well Photographed Products with Description for SEO purpose: Bad photography will kill your credibility and hurt your chances of people buying from you. Invest time and money in good photography – check out my last podcast on the subject >>. Equally important is including relevant descriptions for all your products. It will help your SEO and limit your return rates.
  3. Functional Check-out Process: Ensure your check-out process is functional, and that payments are being processed accordingly. Additionally, set-up automation emails to be sent to customers right after they have purchased from you.
  4. Contact Information & FAQs: You contact information must be front and center on your website. Be available to answer potential questions. Go the extra mile by including a FAQ page as well. Watch previous episode about this topic >> 
  5. Newsletter Opt-in: Finally, create a compelling newsletter opt-in so you can start building your mailing list and encourage customers to come back to your site.

Remember to be patient. It takes time to build a brand. Start small and expand from there. Let me know what you are currently working on. I would love to hear from you.

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