VD33: Why People Aren’t Buying From You & How To Fix It

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Do you have a hard time selling your products despite having a healthy social media following? Do you feel like you tried every trick in the book without seeing any concrete result? So why aren’t people buying from you?

In this episode, I explain branding challenges you might face and three features that will change maybe’s into Hell Yes! With the array of options customers have these days, it can be hard to persuade them to purchase from you. They might not feel confident buying from you for multiple reasons. Your goal as a business is to establish trust, remove risk and wow them.

  1. Establish Trust with strong branding: You must establish trust first and foremost before selling anything to anyone. Strong / consistent branding are key in making customers feel comfortable buying from you. Professional photography, a well-designed website, a compelling brand story, and thought provoking copy are some of the features necessary to aspire strong emotions within your customers. Customers’ perception of your business will decide whether or not they will buy from you. Additionally, it’s vital to include customer referrals and testimonials to support your branding. People feel more comfortable buying when they see other have already purchased from you.
  2. Set-up a guarantee:  Remove the risk on the consumer by offering free return and shipping, that way if the product isn’t what they expected they know they can send it back. Provide a 30 days no risk guarantee, for example. Alleviate the worry of spending money on something that won’t suit their needs. Be transparent and include a Frequently Asked Questions area to avoid any surprises.
  3. Provide an irresistible offer: What is your value proposition? Does your product get people excited? If your product falls under the “Bleh – I could live without it category” you are in trouble – you must entice, captivate your audience and persuade them of the value of your offer.

Focus on your branding, create an irresistible product and do not be afraid to promote your goods via email. You must follow all these important steps otherwise people will continue to dismiss your e-commerce business.

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