EP#37: Own Your Wow w Roshini Rajkumar


Ever wondered what the key to a successful business is? Whether we’re self employed professionals or the driving force behind a much larger business, either way it’s up to us to communicate our brand message to our customers. When thinking about building a lasting following, you need to learn how to tell a story to your audience and encourage them to essentially invest their time in your brand. To create a unique online voice is detrimental to the health of any world-wide business if it’s going to stand the test of time.

So thinking about the idea of communicating brands towards a larger customer base, I invited Roshini Rajkumar to share her story. Author, speaker, talk show host and communication coach, my jaw literally dropped when I saw her resume! Roshini has spoken at several business orientated events, including TEDx. She is also a popular communications analyst and media commentator within local and national media. This is a lady who truly knows her stuff, so if you want to ‘push the envelope’ with your branding message, be sure to check out this week’s podcast!

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Want to gain an in-depth understanding and learn tips on how to boost your business? Now you can! Today we will discuss everything there is to know about the power of personal communication, including dress-code advice, the science behind body language gestures, and all of those factors that can ultimately help to grow your business for the better.

First and foremost, have you ever wanted to pitch a business idea that you’re so passionate about but you’re not sure how to sell it to a global audience? First impressions do count when it comes to selling yourself and ‘sealing the deal.’ Roshini has a wealth of expertize in communications coaching, so be sure to have your pen and paper handy.

 In this podcast you will learn: 

  • Learn about Roshini’s starting career in TV and how she progressed into becoming a leading author, professional speaker and communications specialist.
  • Hear essential tips that will put you ahead of your competitors when it comes to crafting effective communication strategies for your business.
  • How to hit the mark and find your brand’s unique voice. Learn about how certain individuals within the media have become so inspirational to others using their own methods.
  • Styling tips for both male and female entrepreneurs who work in front of a camera or within a public capacity.
  • How to grab your audience’s attention with the launch of your communication techniques. Learn all about the impact that a powerful call to action can have on your target demographic.
  • Recommended references to help you learn more about the art of communication and language. 



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