EP#38: Breaking through the fashion industry w. Angela Ricardo


In today’s cut-throat world of catwalk shows, street style bloggers and e-fashion retailers, when it comes to breaking through the fashion industry and actually becoming recognized for your craft, it can be tough.

Whether you’re a budding style blogger with a story to tell, an emerging e-commerce brand looking to build an online community, or you just want to go it alone and create your own niche – whichever avenue is yours you need to have that ‘X factor’ to set yourself apart from your competitors.

As a marketing professional, I frequently get approached by start-up fashion brands who want to push the envelope and figure out the best ways they can really work on their following, both locally and internationally. As with anything worth doing in life, this takes time. But with just a few simple tips, you can soon be on your own path to global success.

So thinking about targeting the fashion industry, I caught up with renowned blogger Angela Ricardo to pick her brains about how she made it as one of today’s savviest blogging personalities.

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Angela has a smorgasbord of visually stimulating blogs, including KoreanDoll.net, AngelaRicardo.com, and TheFashionPRGirl.com, among others. She has also been featured in Vogue and has worked with a number of high profile luxury fashion brands. It’s fair to say that this is one blogger who knows all there is to know about fashion, so I was interested to learn about her ‘coming of age’ story.

Who better to provide some detailed insights on how to break into the fashion industry and appeal to the blogosphere than a young professional who has done this herself?!

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In this podcast you will learn: 

  • Background information about Angela Ricardo and how long the process took to get her first blog well known.
  • How to appeal to your target demographic with marketing and social media strategies that work.
  • Learn essential tips on what it takes to become a successful fashion blogger.
  • Tips on how to improve your brand’s reach by using engagement tools, clear communication, and smart customer interaction.
  • How to collaborate with bloggers and build a long-term following for your brand. Learn how to approach high profile bloggers with a professional yet friendly tone.
  • Advice for brands on how to overcome set backs, along with useful tips on how to move your business forward. 





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