VD36: How to Create a Youtube Channel

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Increasingly, having a video marketing strategy is key to the success of any business. Youtube has more than 1 billion users who watch 6 billion hours of footage per month. The opportunities to grow your brand awareness while generating more sales are definitely present on youtube. E-commerce businesses like Beardbrand are a perfect case study. Through posting regular how to videos, they grew their fan base tremendously and now generate $100K per month.

For the last year, I have been dabbling with video blogging – essentially so I could put these theories to the test and learn more about youtube. The results have been spectacular. Through trial and error, I have developed a process for shooting and editing efficiently. In this video, I share all my secrets to help you create your very own Youtube channel without breaking a sweat.

  1. Set up an editorial content and write a simple script to follow:
    Consistency is key when starting a youtube channel. You should post anywhere between one video per week to two videos per month. Anything less and whatever work you put into building your channel will come in vain. Be prepared and work in advance. Take a blank calendar and write down a few topic ideas. Next, search them these same topics on youtube to ensure there is enough interest. For example, if a topic only generated a few hundred views on a majority of youtube channel, it’s not worth your time creating a video about it. On the other hand, if a topic is widely popular then go for it and provide your unique perspective to the mix.
    Once you decided on your topics, you will need to flush out a script that is anywhere between 200 to 400 words. Think 100 words per minute. Create an intro, body, and conclusion. Keep it light and have some fun.
  2. Plan for your shoot: I personally love shooting with a gopro. I own a gopro hero 4 + silver (http://amzn.to/1B71Q4e)
    I hook it up to an external Rode shotgun mic (http://bhpho.to/1F9XOsI). If you plan on shooting outdoors or a place where there is a lot of background noise, you will need a good microphone. Now sometimes, I shoot with a Sony Alpha 5000 (http://amzn.to/1ElASbm) when I am indoors. I like how it’s different lens and setting. Unfortunately, the Sony Alpha 5000 doesn’t come with an external microphone jack which makes it difficult to shoot outdoors with it.
  3.  Shooting: When shooting you want to be methodical and break down your script into separate files. It will enable you to isolate good takes from bad ones and speed up your editing process.
  4.  Edit and Upload: I use FINAL CUT PRO  for editing. Final cut pro is a more robust editing software than iMovie and allows me to upload my file directly to my channel. The software is easy to pick-up. You can find great Final Cut Pro tutorial on Facebook –  like this one >> 

Get started and don’t give up. Practice makes perfect. It is estimated that by 2016 – 80% of our content will be video so best start now.


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