EP#40: Getting Noticed In The Chaos with Ben Parr


In a world of instant gratification, where anything our heart desires is just a mouse click away, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find ways to grab people’s attention and keep them interested. Whether your goal is to attract subscribers towards your fashion blog, gain valuable customers for your e-commerce business, or you simply want to understand how to make a difference, every journey has to start somewhere.

So priority number one for becoming successful within any business niche is to research the right way to capture the attention of your audience. Article titles, social media updates, and brand messaging each play an important role in shaping your company or brand, so if you can get to grips with these factors early on, success will become that bit sweeter for you.

In today’s episode, I invited Ben Parr, a fellow entrepreneur, venture capitalist, journalist and author, to talk about getting noticed in the chaos of today’s society. Ben is an expert in grabbing people’s attention. His new book “Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention” is out now, and is available to purchase on Amazon. This book is definitely worth a read for the sheer amount of insights and expertize Ben shares with his readers.

Stay tuned as he shares some of the concepts and ideas from his new book – it’s interesting stuff, so be sure to grab your pen and paper folks!

In this podcast you will learn: 

  • How Ben began his career as Editor-At-Large for leading online news source Mashable, what knowledge he picked up and how he became interested in helping start-ups to reach their fullest potential.
  • Learn what it really takes to grab your audience’s attention span, stay current and win people over with your ideas.
  • The key factors which have the highest success rates when it comes to getting your business noticed, and how to keep yourself on the radar of your target audience.
  • Hear about Ben’s ‘Frame of Reference’ concept and how you can implement this idea into a business strategy of your own. One of the many highlights taken from Ben’s new book!
  • Learn how to tell a compelling story to your audience, how to avoid unnecessary jargon and keep your message concise instead.
  • What to do when things aren’t working, how to tackle any obstacles head on and make sure that your brand can bounce back successfully.




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