EP#41: Tactics To Increase Your E-commerce Conversion Rate with Ivan Mazour


For any e-commerce business to succeed, it’s crucial to perpetually grow your customer flow, and increase your brand loyalty in the process.

Deciding which marketing approach to take based on your web metrics can be tricky to get right first time. Questions like “How can I avoid cart abandonments?” “How can I increase my conversion rate?” and “How can I regain lost customers?” are all essential to consider when speaking the language of e-commerce.

I invited Ivan Mazour, founder of Ometria, to answer these very questions for you.

For those who may not be familiar with Ometria’s business objectives, Ivan runs a technology company with an e-commerce intelligence platform which helps online retailers to acquire valuable customers, retain them, and promote the right products to them. Ultimately these 3 objectives are going to drive profitability and encourage repeat business for any leading e-commerce venture. Ometria is backed by some of London’s top entrepreneurs and investors who each share a passion for making a difference in the competitive e-commerce market.

Ivan’s background is an impressive one. He holds a Maths degree obtained from Cambridge University, and is now a fully trained Mathematician, renowned author and public speaker.

It’s an honor to have him speaking on the show today, so let’s jump right in and get started guys…

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Find out about Ivan’s interesting background, from his education to his beginnings as an entrepreneur, to his success today as a CEO, author and public speaker.
  • Gain valuable insights into how e-commerce has evolved over the last few years, along with insights into the behavioral patterns of online shoppers today.
  • Top tactics to increase your e-commerce conversion rate
  • Why adopting a personalized approach is key for attracting new customers
  • If you’ve ever struggled with your conversion rates, this episode will help your brand to overcome those e-commerce obstacles and shares tips on how to increase your return on investment.
  • Examples of the key metrics you must have in place in order to monitor the health of your business.
  • Learn essential first-hand business tips which will create an overall improved shopping experience for your customer base.
  • Find out how to target customers who may have got ‘lost in translation’ and dropped off your radar. If you want to reactivate lost customers, this episode will explain how you can do this successfully.
  • E-commerce is the future for retail brands, so it’s beneficial to understand the key trends to expect throughout 2015. Why not make a note of the useful resources mentioned in today’s podcast.



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