VD39: E-commerce Tips To Sell In Thailand With Instagram

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What do you get when you combine the love to shop and the love to use Instagram? Answer: A gold mine for marketers.

Through my business meetings and interviews, I have learned that Thais just love to shop, specifically on their phones. Instagram is huge in Thailand; as a matter of fact, Thais are the most active Instagram users in the world, consisting of 1.5 million users. But they aren’t just using the network for selfies, rather, they’re using it to shop. In today’s episode, I provide e-commerce tips to sell in Thailand with Instagram.

Mobile e-commerce, or m-commerce, is very prevalent in Thailand, and it’s been facilitated by the broad penetration of Line.

Line and Instagram stand out as two of the hottest social apps in Thailand. Line is the dominant messaging platform in the nation with roughly 33 million registered users. I’ve even heard of cases where people send Line photos of bank transfer confirmations to provide proof of payment: this suggests that people trust Line more than the credit card processing infrastructure.

Finally, shipping to Thailand is fairly cheap. It costs $10 US dollars on average for any items that is less than 50 ounces, and Thais don’t get taxed on orders smaller than $100 US.  So, how can you capitalize on this opportunity with your business? Watch today’s video to learn more.

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