EP#43: Customers Acquisition and Retention Strategies for your E-commerce w Dan Barker


Building a healthy business venture in today’s digital world is not only challenging, but with the amount of competition out there, it’s important to understand that success doesn’t happen overnight. Customer acquisitions, branding, and coming up with kick-ass strategies are just some of the most important factors you’ll need to continue developing if your goal is to keep valuable customers interested. However, the difficult part can be knowing that there are a million and one ways to encourage repeat visits and brand loyalty.

Now, we all know that the internet is a big place. So what are the most efficient methods to use if you want to attract more customers and keep them regularly coming back for more? Also, once your customers land onto your site, how are you going to keep them there?

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In today’s episode, we will focus on how to improve your customer acquisition and retention strategies. I invited Dan Barker to address these key points. Dan is an online marketing consultant based in London, UK. His sweet spot is e-commerce, and so far he has helped more than 50 e-commerce companies to either build themselves from the ground up or revamp their businesses entirely.

Tune in as he discusses best practices to help you to acquire new customers and keep them interested in the long term.

In this podcast you will learn: 

  • The value of customer acquisitions and how you can build momentum by attracting the attention of your customers, both loyal and new.
  • Find out essential information on where e-commerce traffic primarily originates from, and which avenues are the most successful when it comes to targeting your customers’ needs.
  • Useful tactics about improving your retention strategies, and how to encourage your customers to sign up to your online newsletter subscription.
  • First hand tips about email marketing, the volume of emails you need to be sending out to customers on a weekly basis, and why this method of digital marketing is so effective today.
  • Best practices on how to increase your inbound traffic while amping up your level of customer acquisitions in the process.

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