VD40: Get more newsletter sign-ups by answering these 3 questions

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While I’m currently in a dilemma in Phuket over what to wear to my friend’s wedding, some people are in a dilemma over why no one is signing up for their newsletters. A few clients have been dealing with this issue. Therefore, I thought today would be a good opportunity to talk more about how you can increase subscriptions to your newsletter. Here are three questions you should ask yourself to get more newsletter sign-ups:

1) Who is your demographic?

You might be surprised, once a little research and digging is done, to find out how different your demographic is from what you anticipated. Most brands believe they know who their audience is. This misconception could cost you a lot of money, as you might be directing your efforts to the wrong audience. To help, use Facebook’s Audience Manager to upload your current mailing list to make a fresh audience.  Also, including the Facebook Tags feature is a great way to grow your audience directly through your website traffic . Once you integrate these two features, you can go back and have a more clear understanding of exactly who your demographic is. Voila!

2) Is your messaging or design off?

Once you know your exact demographic, you can go back and see if your copy and design of your website fits that audience. You can use A/B testing or Optimizely to run tests so you can adjust your website accordingly. Test out different headlines every few days and see how they work! Make sure they’re grabbing and interesting so people will want to sign up: a bland “sign up here” headline won’t give your audience the incentive to subscribe, so make it fun!

3) Is your newsletter opt-in hidden?

Make sure your newsletter isn’t a buried treasure located deep within your website. Including a HeatMap will give you an understanding of what people are clicking on your website. Once you have that information, you’ll know what to change and how to provide easier access to your newsletter. A great tool to use for this, especially on WordPress, is APPSUMO. Not only does it have several opt-in options, but it also includes a HeatMap so you can determine the best location for your newsletter. What’s even better is it identifies where you can feature any predominant sales, products, promotions, etc. in order to get people to click on them!

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