EP#45: Lessons on Creating a Memorable Shopping Experience with Flora Nuit


Have you ever come across a brand with a unique approach to shopping? It’s not enough to just hope people will walk into your store. If a brand has substance or an out-of-the-box vision, people will be more drawn in to support your business again in the future.

All too often, brands focus too much on the craftsmanship of their product without taking into consideration the overall shopping experience their customers will have. They don’t think about what they want their shoppers to feel when buying from them. It’s time for businesses to start asking themselves what type of overall experience they want to provide their customers with when they shop. Why do they come to you versus another store?

In today’s episode, I invited Laura Maurer and Melissa Silvetti, the founders of Flora Nuit, a pop-up concept online shop specialized in selling lingerie from the comfort of your home. Laura and her business partner, Melissa, felt that shopping for lingerie should be less intimidating and burdening for women, so they created pop-up events and focused on the 360 experience for their customers, establishing an environment of trust, comfort, and fun. The unique shopping experience they provide for their customers resulted in them garnering them quite a loyal following, making them stand out from their competitors.

So, who better to discuss the ins and outs of creating a strong and loyal customer base, and the importance of creating a memorable shopping experience, than Laura and Melissa?

In today’s podcast, we discuss:

  • The creative shopping experience their company, Flora Nuit, provides for their customers.
  • Recommendations for businesses that are having a hard time honing in on their approachability towards potential customers.
  • Tips for what businesses should focus on, such as e-commerce and customer feedback.
  • Which social media platforms are most effective in growing their audience and why.
  • How to grab customers’ interest and other tips to broaden the special customer shopping experience.

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