EP#46: Keeping your brand relevant with Anant Sharma


Keeping up with digital innovations and trends can feel overwhelming. In addition to keeping up with technology that’s constantly changing, consumer behaviors are constantly evolving. From the demands to shop via mobile device to catering to customer’s needs directly on social media, it’s crucial as a business to stay on top of any and all changes, and adapt accordingly to stay relevant in the market. Brands who have embraced changes have been able to rise above the rest and stay competitive.

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In today’s episode, I invited Anant Sharma, CEO of Matter of Form. Matter of Form is an award winning, multi-disciplinary Brand Interactions Agency based in London. Anant has worked on a range of e-commerce initiatives where he has advised brands on service design, technology recommendations, and overall digital experiences.

We will discuss how your brand can stay relevant and trends you should start paying attention to. We’ll also touch on:

More about Anant and why he founded Matter of Form.

What brands can do to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape.

– Why smaller brands are at an advantage (compared to bigger businesses) to understanding customer trends and behaviors, and tools to identify such changes.

– How brand-to-customer interactions can be enhanced.

– Interesting ways businesses can enrich their branding to stay relevant in the digital age.

– Specific examples of businesses that have done a stellar job in creating a relevant brand experience.

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