EP#50: How can your business make a difference w. Leslie Bradshaw


In today’s crowded market, identifying promising opportunities can be a cumbersome task. Businesses become overwhelmed with conflicting information they find online and sometimes, it’s difficult to take a step back and determine which initiative holds the most potential. Focusing on and understanding the customer’s journey are key when striving to obtain the best possible outcome for your business.

For this episode, I invited an old friend of mine from our advertising days together, Leslie Bradshaw, who is now Made by Many’s Managing Partner and a contributor for Forbes Magazine. Leslie will share with us how your business can have a greater impact and how to hone in on what truly matters most to thrive. She’ll also talk about how technology can play a major role in shifting your business.

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What will also be discussed on today’s episode:

1) More about Leslie and the primary mission of Made by Many.

2) The number one challenge businesses are having today and methods for how businesses can take a step back to identify solutions to improve their business.

3) What businesses should primarily focus on and how to get to the core of their underlying issues.

4) Tips for simple solutions based on Leslie’s prior experience working with struggling businesses.

5) How businesses can be more innovative without breaking their bank.

6) Additional advice on how to grow and learn as a fresh start-up on the scene.

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