VIDEO 49: Best Hashtag Apps to get your Instagram noticed

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Hey everyone! I’m back from Paris and while I’ve been enjoying the home comforts of cheese and croissants, I caught-up with some friends. In today’s video, I visit friends who are owner of Maison Nordik, a Danish Modern interior design store with vintage collections from the 50’s to the 70’s.

While I was catching-up with them, they shared with me how influential Instagram has been in the growth of their business, especially through the use of hashtags. It’s been a great resource for them, which has allowed their business to flourish, and a lot of the credit is due to the use of hashtags that allow more customers to discover them.

Hashtags are important because they help you get discovered, but you need to be careful with which ones you decide to use as some tend to be spam, or will attract the wrong type of attention than the one your business needs.

Naturally, in this video, I want to share with you best hashtag apps to get your Instagram noticed.

1) TAG FOR LIKES It’s a simple iPhone or Android app, which includes a list of popular hashtags based on themes you are posting about. Simply browse through the different categories they provide, and copy and paste the hashtags you want to post. It’s great to use if you are on the go and need some hashtag ideas, although it doesn’t give you an idea of how popular a specific hashtag is. Also, beware, some hashtags are spam.

2) TOP HASHTAG + WEBSTAGRAMThese are desktop apps that provide lists of the most popular hashtags on Instagram. However, although it can be an advantage to use what’s popular, I’d recommend you be careful when using them because they might be extremely saturated and not get you type of following you are looking for. It’s always wise to do some hashtag researching to avoid receiving spam. Make sure the hashtags you use fit and compliment the overall theme of your brand.

3) KEYHOLEIf you’re already using hashtags, this is where Keyhole comes in: it enables you to track in real time the popularity of a hashtag. It also provides you with list of related, featured hashtags, as well as a list of influencers you should follow. Keyhole enables you to research the effectiveness of a hashtag along with identifying influencers in your field so you can follow them and perhaps form collaborations.

I hope this information has been helpful if you are considering using Instagram to feature your business. Now you can hashtag away (the right way) and see who discovers you!

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