EP#54: Beautyhooked goes after e-commerce opportunities in Pakistan




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Have you ever wondered how much time people around the world spend each year applying makeup to look beautiful? Just to give you an idea, one lipstick is sold every second, which equates to 900 million lipsticks sold every year in the world. That’s crazy! Needless to say, the opportunities are vast, but breaking into the saturated western market is no easy feat.

Meet Sahr Said, founder of Beauty Hooked, a start-up based in Pakistan. It aims to become a personal beauty assistant that connects its customers with the perfect salon and beauty services that suit their individual needs.

Sahr has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and felt there were opportunities for her in her home country of Pakistan. She knew that women in Pakistan would have a personal need for the services that Beauty Hooked provides.

In today’s episode, I wanted to learn about the challenges she has had to overcome when entering such a fresh market, how much research is needed, and much more!

We’ll also discuss in this podcast:

  • Sahr’s background and how she came up with the idea for Beauty Hooked.
  • She will discuss e-commerce opportunities in Pakistan.
  • How she decided her concept was well-suited for Pakistan and the dense market research she put into creating her platform.
  • The types of opportunities that are available right now in Pakistan.
  • How Beauty Hooked works, when it will launch, and how Sahr altered the business model to accommodate Pakistani’s customers.
  • What is so unique about the Pakistanis social media and e-commerce sphere, and the changes she is looking to implement.
  • Sahr’s recommendations for businesses looking to start in an emerging market.

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