EP#55: Cultural Insights Do Matter For Your Business | Plus Aziz


Trends, culture, and overall insights about the audience you are targeting are vital in order to refine your marketing message and your product offerings. In today’s saturated market, really understanding what makes people tick and what influences their purchasing behaviors is crucial for the health of any business.

On today’s podcast, I invited an old friend of mine, Pluz Aziz. We have a lot of mutual friends and kept running into each other at various industry events in NYC.

He’s a cultural strategist and contributor for PSFK. Wondering what that means? Well, Aziz has the ability to dissect trends and predict the waves of the market. Being a transplant from Kuwait, he has a deep understanding of the Middle Eastern market. He leverages his international perspective to look at trends holistically and help business focus their energy where it matters. He’ll share some of the concepts and ideas he talks about in his new book, so grab your pen and paper because you’re about to get schooled.

We’ll also talk about:

  • More about Pluz and exactly what a cultural strategist is.
  • Why it’s so important to have an understanding of underlying trends to make savvy business predictions and decisions.
  • How cultural trends vary from country to country and continent to continent.
  • Because Pluz is from Kuwait, he’ll share what is currently fundamentally different in the Middle East versus the US from a digital marketing standpoint.
  • Resources for individuals looking to dive deeper into this topic of cultural strategy.

www.wemda.com (Middle Eastern resource)

Arab Net Conference (takes place twice a year)

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