VD51: A Hack to Know Who is Your Demographic

For a first date, would you take a girl to Soi Cowboy in Bangkok? Let’s just say that I am not one of the boys…

Welcome to my new marketing series of lessons inspired by bad Tinder dates. Why not relate my wacky dating experiences with marketing? After all, marketing is a lot like dating, and we all can learn a lot from our dating mishaps to make our businesses better.

Do you feel like you have a good understanding of who your audience is? Do you have data that provides you with detailed insights of who your customers are? If your customer data is based strictly from your gut, you might not be getting the results you need from your marketing efforts and instead, spending time and money in all the wrong places.

So, how can you confirm who your readers and customers are? Here is a hack to know who is your demographic.

  1. Create A Custom Audience on Facebook: Creating a custom audience on Facebook is a great way to get a sense of who your current audience is. Facebook will analyze who is currently on your mailing list and/or who is coming to your website. It will then create a custom audience based on the data you provide. All you have to do is upload your mailing list, or if you don’t have a mailing list, install a custom audience pixel within your website, so it can identify and analyze the type of traffic that comes to your site.
  2. Review Facebook Audience Insight Data: It will take up to 72 hours for Facebook to analyze your custom audience, but once the information is in, you can simply go back to your Ads Manager and click on the Audience Insights tab. Facebook will provide you with age, gender, lifestyle, and other nitty-gritty information, which you can leverage to get a better understanding as to who your current audience is. https://www.facebook.com/ads/audience_manager/

Knowing your demographic is extremely important because just like you wouldn’t want to take a girl to a strip club in Thailand on date NUMERO UNO, you don’t want to talk to the wrong audience.

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