EP#56: Battling Your Entrepreneurial Fears with Andrea Ayers


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Do you feel like you have tried all the recipes in the book to get your business featured in magazines and blogs? As entrepreneurs, we try to tackle so much and wear so many hats that it can feel overwhelming to promote our businesses, and most importantly, see real results. Yet, it’s our unyielding passion that guides us through all the chaos.

I personally know the feeling. I launched my first business in 2006, and it wasn’t until 2010 that I had the courage to re-launch (after taking a long hiatus) and I’ve been at it ever since.

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In today’s episode, I invited Andrea Ayers to share with us her success story. She turned her last bit of savings into a $200,000 per year business. Her extraordinary tale of courage made it to Yahoo! Finance and Business Insider. She started as early as 2007, and after selling over 20,000 T-shirts, she closed up shop in 2011 to focus her attention on helping other entrepreneurs.

We’ll talk about her entrepreneurial journey where she’ll share tips on how, as a business, you can break through the clutter and battle your entrepreneurial fears.

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In today’s podcast, we’ll discuss:

  • Andrea’s inspirational story and how she battled fear to keep going.
  • Methods to help you stick to your guns to make your idea work and flourish.
  • Mistakes some entrepreneurs make from the start and how to be more tactful.
  • Tips and exercises to stay sane and calm when starting a business.
  • What influenced her to launch her latest business, Launch Grow Joy
  • How businesses can do a better job differentiating themselves from the crowd to get people and the press to care.
  • Resources and other tips Andrea recommends for individuals looking to dive deeper into this topic.

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