EP#57: Fashion Storytelling done right – Daniella Castellano


Ever wonder how your business can give back to the greater good of the community? Trying to think of ways to contribute to a cause bigger than yourself? How can you make a difference and create a sustainable fair trade business?

Meet Daniela Castellano, Journalism major turned entrepreneur, and founder of Castellano Ethnic Origins. The mission of her business is to support the ethnic tribes in Colombia who seek to preserve their weaving skills and cultural heritage. She is based out of London and sells handbags, book bags, and bracelets to customers around the world. Her company’s aim is to help improve the living conditions for the traditional weavers, their families, and their community, with an emphasis on clean water, electricity, and education. Her story and her journey is nothing short of amazing, especially given the fact she had to start completely from scratch.

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In today’s episode, we’ll talk about the challenges Daniella faced and how she was able to overcome it all to sell to an international audience, so get ready to feel inspired!

We’ll also discus in this episode:

1) More about Daniella and how she came up with the idea for Castellano Ethnic Clothing.

2) Advice for people who are looking to help a community and what first steps they should take.

3) The setbacks she experienced when working with the women in the tribes and how she hurdled them.

4) The first thing Daniella did to get the word out about her business and how she kept her customers around the world interested.

5) More tips and resources for charitable entrepreneurs looking to contribute to a great cause.


Instagram: @castellanoethnicorigins

Twitter: @CastellanoEO

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