EP#58: Getting the most out of your email marketing with John McIntyre


A lot of time has gone by since we last talked about email marketing. (Check back to my previous episode with Aweber, episode 10, in case you missed it or if you need a refresher.) Since it’s been awhile, like 48 episodes ago, I wanted to dive deeper into exactly what helps increase your open rate, and more importantly, ways in which you can increase your chances that a customer will buy from you, all through email.

For this, I needed to talk to an expert, and who better than someone dubbed by the nickname “The Auto-Responder Guy”?

Today, I invited John McIntyre. Originally from Sydney, Australia, John specializes in helping businesses optimize their email with specific strategies and helpful hacks. He’ll share with us today particular email marketing hacks that will help your business achieve more sales!

In today’s episode, we’ll also talk about:

1) John’s background and how he started becoming active in e-commerce and email marketing.

2) The number one mistake small businesses make in terms of email marketing (side-note: there’s more than one).

3) Tips to take when writing subject lines and what works the best to get peoples’ attention.

4) Recommendations on the amount of copy within an email, how/when to feature images, and the frequency rate as to when emails are sent.

5) Advice on automated responses and campaigns.

6) Elements to get people to make a purchase after opening an email.

7) Suggested resources:




email: john@themcmethod.com

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