VD56: Mobile Shopping Apps You Should Sell Your Product On

Let’s face it, everyone is glued to their phones these days, and it’s not just to stay in touch. People are using their phones to shop! Mobile marketing is HUGE, and it’s surprising to see a lot of small retailers not taking advantage of the mobile market. Did you know that there are actually a plethora of mobile shopping apps out there? If you are a small business trying to expand your reach, you should consider adding these three apps to your marketing repertoire today!

In today’s episode, I will provide you guys with four mobile apps to sell your products on! You want to be on as many platforms as possible to make your brand and product known, and these four apps will help you get discovered:

1) WANELO: Wanelo is a shopping app that features various brands and allows the user to discover a variety of products and new brands. It’s a curated platform, meaning you have to be accepted in order to sell through them. If you are interested in using this platform, download the Wanela Shopify app to be placed on their waiting list to be accepted. Like the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.

2) DEPOP: Unlike Wanelo, Depop is an open mobile marketplace. Just by taking pictures of your products, you can sell directly on the platform to people around the world. (Think, Instagram shopping.)

3) POSHMARK: This app is a little bit more niched towards women, but it enables you to sell your closet! You can set up a showroom as a small business and hopefully get featured.

4) FANCY: I know I mentioned this before with Depop, but Fancy is literally Instagram for shopping. Not only does it feature fashion items, but it offers a variety of other products as well and it’s super easy to use!


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