VD57: Get Noticed with Periscope this Fashion Week

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in New York City! No, I’m not referring to Christmas, but it’s close; it’s Fashion Week! New York City gets swamped with bloggers and fashionistas from all over the world as people tune in to discover upcoming trends. Whether be it on Twitter, Instagram, or Periscope, as an up and coming fashion business, this is your opportunity to get noticed!

As New York City takes center stage, you might be sitting in your living room in Milwaukee, and that’s okay! This is where Periscope steps in and will help you leverage popular Fashion Week hashtags to use to your advantage by getting your brand more exposure. It’s like being in two places at once! In today’s episode, I will provide you with a simple hack to get noticed using Periscope.

1) Get on Periscope: For Fashion Week, most major brands will broadcast their shows on Periscope. Tune in and participate! Watch the shows and interact with others watching the show as it happens. Create an account if you haven’t already and publicize it so your current audience follows you.

2) Schedule a Livestream:  Get a sense as to when other prominent shows might be streaming; simply check out respective Fashion Week schedules and pick a time and date that won’t compete with a prominent show. Warning #1: be conscious of time zones! It would also be wise to have multiple livestreams to increase your chances of getting noticed.

3) Hijack Fashion Week Hashtags – Do your hashtag homework (use keyhole.co or hashtagify to help with your search) and promote your livestream using the popular (but not saturated) Fashion Week hashtags. Some of the more obvious hashtags include #pfw #nyfw #fashionweek. Warning #2: use the hashtags wisely! Don’t pretend you are attending the events if you are in Pittsburg. Openly say you couldn’t attend and instead, try hosting your own Fashion Week with a live commentary. It’s okay to be daring and test out different ideas, so don’t be shy!

I can guarantee you that by hijacking Fashion Week’s hashtags, people will tune in out of sheer curiosity. The key is to keep them watching, and lastly, have a call to action. Encourage them with incentives, like a discount code, to go on your e-commerce site. Most importantly, remember to be creative and have fun!

Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe if you found this information useful as I provide marketing and business tips each week, leave a comment below, and share with your friends! Until next time, and have a happy Fashion Week!

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