VD58: Tips for Selling on Instagram

Instagram has so much selling potential. Yet, it’s easy to wonder when Instagram will include a shopping button. The shop button is already available for advertisers, but I doubt it will be rolled out to the masses anytime soon. Until then, as mere mortals, you will need to a set of tools to help boost your sells on Instagram.

Selling on Instagram can be tricky. First, because you don’t want to push your product too hard, it’s spammy. Remember that Instagram is all about sharing beautiful pictures. Second, it’s hard to get people interested enough to click on your profile link and search for a product that spike their interest.

Fix these problems by:

1) Creating Bitly URLS for each of your products
Create an excel sheet with all your products, followed by their Bitly URLS. Make sure to create vanity URLs, meaning URLs that are easy for people to remember. Simply customize the Bitly URLS so it’s not a series of numbers and letters (use bit.ly/framesbyme instead of bit.ly/489hkl)
Include the bit.ly in the comment section of your post and interchange it accordingly in your profile page based on product you are promoting that day.

2) Leverage the power of Instagram Shopping Apps
There is a plethora of Instagram Shopping Apps out there but monthly fees can vary from $10 to $100 a month (based on how sophisticated the App is). Why should you use a shopping App?
They let you sell your product through hashtags or by driving users to a simple purchasing page from your profile link.
Shopseen is currently offering a 14 days trial if you are interested in testing it out. Other shopping apps include: Have 2 Have it and Pixlee.

3) Include a freebie
Establishing trust is key before customers feel comfortable buying from you. The best way to do so is by sending samples/freebies. Tout these freebies on your profile page and once a week on your Instagram posts.
Drive to a landing page where you can capture these potential customers email addresses. Remember building a mailing list is the first step to growing your sales.

Finally, don’t get discouraged, remember that consistency is key. I also can’t say this enough. Apply the 80/20 rule on Instagram – so for every 20% promotional messages include 80% of informational/beautiful photography. Spamming is so not sexy.

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