VD60: Should you add Apple Pay to your online store?

When Apple Pay came out, I didn’t think twice about setting it up on my iPhone so I could easily pay for my Starbucks fixes in the mornings.

And yet, I am always surprised to find out that many merchants haven’t jumped on board and still require credit card payments.

In this video, I explain why you should add Apple Pay to your online store and how it can be set up.

As Mobile Commerce becomes the norm, and consumers feel more comfortable with mobile payments, it’s important to facilitate their check-out experience. Paying with their credit card while on their mobile phone can be counter-intuitive. It pauses their purchasing action by requiring them to reach their wallet and providing them with the opportunity to reassess their purchase. For this reason, many retailers have implemented a Paypal button which is performing great on mobile. Apple Pay is another mobile payment solution that will help increase your sales.

Thankfully, Shopify just made it easier for its store owners to integrate the Apple Pay button within their mobile shop. The Shopify Mobile Buy SDK includes sample code that can be easily added. With just a few lines of code, you can add the Apple Pay next to your buy buttons for a seamless checkout experience. These orders will appear in your Shopify dashboard with other sales channels. Adding an Apple Pay button is the quickest way for anyone with an existing e-commerce shop to enhance their mobile shopping experience.

To get started with the Mobile Buy SDK, visit Shopify’s site >> 

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