VD61: The ROI of Social Media in Asia

As Social Media continues to evolve, it’s becoming more expensive to compete for people’s attention, especially in saturated markets such as the US. More reasons to be a pioneer and be one of the first few brands to tap into Asia’s relatively untapped social media sphere.

A while back, I stumbled upon an article on Fashionista, which spoke about how US fashion brand OTTE, had exponentially grown by simply leveraging the power of Chinese Social Media. OTTE is opening a store, next March, in Shanghai, while still being a relatively unknown brand in the US. Investing to get to know the Asian Social Media market has paid off for them and other brands, like Diane von Furstenberg. I witnessed these untapped opportunities while traveling in Asia and getting acquainted with platforms like Weibo, WeChat, Tmall, Line, Kaokao, etc..

So why is Social Media in Asia worth every penny?

  1. Higher Engagement: Audiences in Asia are receptive to new brands and constantly browsing for new fashion finds, inspirations, etc.. In Thailand (the most active Instagram population in the WORLD) people spend as much as three hours per day browsing through images.
  2. Mobile Shopping is the Norm:  Apps like WeChat and LINE have simplified Mobile Payments. In China, for example, consumers will browse through Taobao shop and pay directly via WeChat. In SE Asia, in countries like Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand; Instagram shopping is the norm and facilitated by Line mobile payments.

How can you get started?

  1. Instagram: Instagram is your getaway to new markets. It’s a great way to test country’s receptiveness to your product. I created a video course providing a step-by-step in how to market in Thailand via Instagram. It’s a comprehensive course providing all the information you need to start selling via Instagram. Check it out >>
  2. Partner with influencers: The following is easier said than done as many influencers, especially in China are expensive. Spending time researching potential influencers to work with will make all of the difference and will help you penetrate the Asian market.

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