VD67: Top Business Resources You Absolutely Need In Your Life

Finding new resources to help you stay informed and keep your competitive edge can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Whether looking for latest productivity tools; or just staying up to date with latest marketing hacks; I have compiled a list of top 3 business resources just for you. Get ready to bring it at your next meeting.

Over the Holidays, I binged on educational videos and podcasts. Or maybe after watching all the episodes of Jessica Jones and Master of None on Netflix, I needed a new vice. It also helped that I got an Apple TV for Christmas. Watching educational videos on the big screen made all the difference. Here is what I binged on over the Holidays:

1) Skillshare:

Before the Holiday break, I created a Skillshare class about Influencer Marketing (sign-up through this link and receive a one-month free membership). As a result, I’ve spent a lot of time on the platform. The video quality, in my opinion, makes all the difference. The class structures are easy to follow, and they encourage you to participate by uploading an assignment. I urge you to check out: Seth Godin’s Modern Marketing Workshop; Keith Yamashita’s Storytelling for Leaders; How to present by Simon Sinek and Monika Kanakova’s Guide to Becoming a Freelancer. Download the mobile app, so you can take the classes wherever you go.

2) Creative Mornings:

Creative Mornings is a breakfast/lecture/networking event hosted in 130+ cities. I encourage you to join a chapter near you. I attended the event in Miami last month, in beautiful Vizcaya. The speaker, Natalie Martínez shared her thoughts on psychology and consciousness – an interesting way to start off your morning. Creative Mornings started a podcast series that I have been listening to while commuting. They interview creatives and thinkers from all around the world. Think of it as a mini TEDx talk.

3) Product Hunt:

I just discovered Product Hunt a few weeks ago, and I’m completely obsessed. It’s a site that curates all the latest tech tools. They also host live sessions with top CEOs and founders. I got to attend one with Pat Flynn just a few days ago, and it was great to have access to him for free be able to ask him specific questions and get a sense of his overall entrepreneurial experience. The only challenge is that a lot of these live sessions are usually at 11:00am PT or 2:00pm ET – am usually on conference calls during these hours.

Please share your thoughts, comments, questions. What are some of your favorite business resources?


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