Fashion Influencers of Asia: Interview with Fashion Blogger Alex Finch

Continuing with my series of interviews of Fashion Influencers of Asia, today we’re going to travel to the incredible city of Seoul, where I met international photo blogger and contributor of and VOGUE, Alex Finch.

Last week I started publishing a series of interviews I recorded while I was travelling through Asia, if you haven’t seen the first one, I encourage you to go to my previous blog post to watch it. My objective with this series is to find out more about the fashion industry in this part of the world, by connecting with bloggers, influencers, photographers, designers, and all kinds of people involved in shaping the fashion scene in cities like Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

Alex Finch is an amazing photographer based in Seoul and I was delighted to sit down with him to talk about the latest trends that can be seen around Seoul and pick his brains about how fashion is consumed in this very stylish and sophisticated city.

One of the biggest fashion trends in Seoul is “couple looks“, where brands and designers create garments that are meant to be worn by a couple or just couples dressing similarly, for example, wearing the same fabrics or patterns, or the same shoes.

In terms of how the Korean culture translates into everyday fashion style, the traditional Korean garments do no exactly translate into fashion, is not something that is actually considered wearable. One thing they do well is integrating sneakers into their look. The American shoe brand New Balance really penetrated into the Korean market two years ago, integrating young people’s wardrobes from school wear into weekend wear, and now it has become a staple of Korean style everywhere.

It’s interesting to find out about some of the top Korean fashion brands, like Beyond Closet, which has been featured in New York’s Fashion Week recently.

One piece of advice that Alex can give to Western Brands that are thinking about entering the Korean market is to get a real sense of the market and the purchasing power of Korean consumers, in order to invest accordingly when it comes to creating local fashion campaigns

I hope you enjoy it and make sure you follow Alex on Twitter and Instagram, and make sure you check out his amazing website


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