#LoveMondays – Attending Fashion Week: Do’s and Dont’s

I am currently in New York city For New York Fashion Week — helping a client launch a product and as a result got to attend some of the shows, and most importantly admire the street fashion. I got a very serious dose of coffee and headed out for the shows, because god forbid there would be food vendors inside the tents (come prepared… seriously don’t pass out inside the tents – that’s not a good look).

Besides all the glamour, nice clothes and cool street style, Fashion Week is all about getting organized. From sending RSVPs – choosing your outfits, and putting in place an action plan, so you can network and get the most out of your fashion week experience.

In today’s episode I will be providing a little Fashion Week Cheat Sheet, from how to attend the shows to networking and publishing tips, before you get lost in the glamour and chaos of Fashion Week – it’s important you have a PLAN.

Head on over to fashionweekonline.com/calendar and start picking shows you would like to attend. If you are a NEWBIE blogger it’s best to be realistic, chances are you won’t get into the more coveted shows , like Jeremy Scott or a BCBG. Try to find smaller designers and reach out to their PR department. Now with the democratization of Fashion Week – you can also try to wing it, and just show up and act surprised that your name is not on the list. (ha!) This is not recommended, but it might work.

Another strategy you may apply is “stand-by” which means waiting until everyone is seated to see whether or not they would allow additional people into the show. You have to factor in the possibility that this might not work, so have a plan B to fill your time slot until the next show you want to attend.

Next, the shows are spread out throughout Manhattan so it is important you give yourself enough time in between shows. You might want to download apps like LYFT or VIA to help you get around in between shows. There is always the MTA but note it is a disaster in the weekend.

It’s imperative while attending Fashion Week that you write immediately after the show. Decide how you plan on documenting the shows you attend: Periscope – Snapchat – Instagram – and put in place a publishing schedule for yourself. Your writing will be much more interesting and vivid if you talk about the atmosphere and attitude of the show as you experienced it, and it will also increase your chances of being picked up by other bloggers / publications since content will be FRESH. Your readers are interested in a behind-the-scenes look that they can’t get from the official photos and videos, so don’t be afraid to share your personal impressions.

Have your business cards in hand and don’t be shy to hand them out to photographers taking your picture. Simply ask them to send you the picture, follow-up with the PR company and send them a link to your blogpost. Writing about a brand’s runway show is a great way to introduce yourself to them and to initiate contact about other collaborations or projects you may want to do with them in the future. As always, be professional and polite when working with PR contacts and brands, and don’t forget to highlight what makes you and your content unique.

Do you have any other interesting Tips about making the most out of Fashion Week? Share them in the comments sections on my YouTube Channel here.


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  • Alice February 15, 2016  

    Great story! Love FWO too!! : )