Fashion Influencers of ASIA: Interview with Jina Kim

Hi Guys! Since you already know, I have been publishing a series of interviews I recorded last year with fashion influencers and individuals from some of the biggest cities of Asia like Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Bangkok. I have previously shared my interview with Tokyo Kaleidoscope, and also an interview with fashion photographer and Vogue collaborator, Alex Finch from Seoul. Make sure to check those out.

This week, I’m sharing my interview with Jina Kim, a really successful fashion blogger, Youtuber and Director of Duier, a clothing company that currently has 7 shops within Hong Kong and China.

While we met in Seoul we talked about who are some of the best fashion designers coming out of South Korea, where you should go shopping if you ever make it to Seoul, what are current influences in fashion and the top Korean designers that we should be watching.

One of the resources Jina shared with me is e-commerce website W Concept, where you can find the best Korean fashion brands. She also mentions that the best app for shopping currently in Korea is Instagram, because fashion models are very popular on this social network and they provide a lot of inspiration via their outfits.

Make sure you check out Jina’s website and follow her on Instagram as well.


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