Guide to living in Thailand for Digital Nomads (Part 1)

Last year I spent 2 and half months living in Thailand as part of my travels through Asia discovering fashion trends and meeting fashion influencers. I interviewed a really cool bunch of people between bloggers, photographers and designers, if you haven’t checked out my video series Fashion Influencers of Asia you can watch it here.

A lot of you have been asking me about recommendations about Thailand, but I have been sitting on the footage for so long, it’s embarrassing!! So, today I wanted to give you guys a guide to living in Thailand for Digital Nomads, as a two part series, so make sure to subscribe to receive the second part when it goes live.

First I absolutely fell in love with Thailand, it was an incredible place. Everyone is so friendly, the food is incredible, massages every other day, beautiful beaches, the list goes on and on. For the lot of use who like to take our business on the road, the main “digital nomad” hubs in Thailand are Chang Mai – Bangkok and Phutek.

Personally, I feel like Chang Mai and Bangkok are the easiest cites to get around, especially if you are traveling solo and don’t want to rent a scooter etc.. but let me go through each city one by one.

1) Bangkok: When I first moved there I felt super uneasy from all the “scary” stories I had heard, and kid you not I didn’t leave my airbnb for 1 week. But as I met other fellow digital nomads I started to feel more comfortable and explore the city on my own. The neighborhood that I recommend to stay at is THONG LOR. Your best bet to find an apartment is definitely Airbnb, but if you’re planning to stay for a longer period you will get a better deal if you go see apartment complexes on your own, as most places in Bangkok are furnished. Around this area, I found the best co-working space: THE HIVE.

Food wise, I highly recommend checking out Soi 38 where you get a meal for $2. If you find yourself missing western food you can visit The Roast. The Malls have the best cafeterias, although it sounds off I know, and the street food is just amazing, I never got sick eating out in Thailand.

Shopping is out of this world, honestly. There are so many shopping malls and so much variety, I ended up having to buy an extra suitcase! The best places are Chatuchak Market and Platinum Mall.

Another thing I cannot recommend enough is the Grasshopper Night Bike Tour, they’ll take you to areas of the city that you would never discover on your own, and you’ll get to try different street food treats, explore the flower market, and visit the temples at night. It is truly incredible.

Another must do is visit Ayutthaya, the temple where the film MORTAL COMBAT was shot. Ayutthaya is a city in Thailand, about 80 kilometers north of Bangkok. It was capital of the Kingdom of Siam, it is amazing
and if like me you happen to be in BANGKOK during SONGKRAN you must absolutely experience this while wearing a bathing suit and googles 🙂

Next time I will share my tips on things to do while in Thailand, why I think Krabi and Phi islands are better than Phutek and more…

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