Fashion Influencers of Asia: Jasmine Ting from JINNNN

For my latest episode of the Fashion Influencers of Asia series, I got to speak with Jasmine Ting who’s the Director of Business Development for Chinese brands like Arete and JINNNN.

Jasmine has lived in Shanghai for about 5 years, and she’s really knowledgeable about the fashion industry in general, and especially about the evolution of the Chinese Fashion Industry and how there’s so much interest in the emerging designers from this country.

Watch the video to find out Jasmine’s views about how the Chinese contemporary fashion scene is evolving, given Chinese’s peoples ability to travel more and learn about fashion standards and other brands, different than those that got into the market on their own 10 or 15 years ago. We also talked about what significance do the words “Made in China” have in the fashion industry of this country right now, and what techniques does she and her team apply in order to better position the brands that she works with.

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