How One Shanghai Designer Brings Architecture into the Fashion Industry

Where do you find new inspiration for your fashion brand?

Last year I had the opportunity to travel around Asia and visit cities like Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok. While running my business abroad I met some of the influencers, movers, and shakers of the fashion industries in Asia.

It’s worth noting that while I was travelling, I learned a lot about how to become a true Digital Nomad. I created a few videos that will teach you useful tools and habits to develop while traveling and working, so make sure you check them out here.

In this latest episode of the Fashion Influencers of Asia I was fortunate enough to interview Rachelle Jim, a designer based in Shanghai. It was fascinating to hear her share insights on how she got started and why she eventually decided to return to China. Additionally, Rachelle spoke about some of the pressures and challenges she faces as a designer in China.

Learn more about Rachelle’s background in architecture inside the video. You’ll discover the profound influence it has in the way she approaches her designs and work, and how that inspiration makes her brand stand out from other clothing lines.

If you want to know more about the fashion landscape in Asia, check out my YouTube series where I interview designers, photographers, fashion bloggers, and other influencers. Click here for the playlist.


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