What You Need to Know About Positioning Your Fashion Brand in China

Are you looking to break into one of the various markets in China?

Last year while taking my business on the road throughout Asia, I wanted to create a series that takes a look into the fashion scene of cities like Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok. I interviewed fashion bloggers, photographers, designers, and individuals within the fashion communities in Asia.

In this particular episode of the Fashion Influencers of Asia, I was in Shanghai interviewing Kestrel Lee. He’s the creative director of George P. Johnson Experience Marketing, and a former colleague from back when we worked together in Singapore.  

I was excited to pick his brain about the differences between the Chinese consumer and the Western consumer, as well as what Western brands should consider if they’re interested in penetrating the Chinese market.

Watch the video and learn from Kestrel about the different markets that currently exist in China, plus how the Chinese consumer likes to spend their available income. This information is crucial when deciding how to position your brand according to the type of consumer you want to target.

Stay tuned until the end of the video, where Krestel offers sound advice for brands that are looking into breaking into this huge market.

If you’d like to watch the rest of the episodes of the series, click here for a playlist of all the interviews so far. Make sure to subscribe so you can find out when the next episodes become available!

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