Why This Bespoke US Suit Company Decided to Produce Their Brand in China

What comes to mind when you think about manufacturing clothing in China? You might be surprised to learn that there’s a lot more high-end fashion created there than you realized.

In my recent travels throughout Asia, I took the opportunity to interview several fashion influencers and individuals from major cities like Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Bangkok. I’ve created a series called Fashion Influencers of Asia, which you can check out here on my website, or my YouTube channel.

While I was visiting Hong Kong, I made a quick stop over in Shenzchen (which is around an hour away in mainland China). I wanted to say hi to my friends at Michael Andrews Bespoke, a very successful brand that crafts high-end suits for Fortune 500 CEOs, Wall Street luminaries, and other elite customers. They had just launched a factory in Shenzchen, so I was curious to take a sneak peek and see what they had been up to.

My friend Landon, who is based in Shenzchen, gave me a tour of the factory and spoke to me about what it takes to create high-end bespoke suits. Watch until the end for an insightful interview where we discuss the biggest issues and challenges regarding quality when it comes to manufacturing in China, and find out the reason why this US brand decided to operate from this country.

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