Fashion Influencers of Asia: Labrini Kiadinis (formerly) from Soy Journal


A few weeks back I started publishing a series of interviews I recorded while traveling around Asia, if you haven’t seen the first one, I encourage you to check out my YouTube playlist where you can watch all of them. My objective with this series is to find out more about the fashion industry in this part of the world, by connecting with bloggers, influencers, photographers, designers, and all kinds of people involved in shaping the fashion scene in cities like Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

In this particular episode I got to interview Labrini Kiadinis who’s a stylist, creative director, and an all-round fashion expert. She based in Hong Kong and at the time we got to meet at her office at Soy Journal where she was so kind as to let me pick her brains about the fashion landscape in Hong Kong and more, so make sure you watch until the end.

Labrini tell us about the most influential brands in Hong Kong right now, who the most successful bloggers are, the embracing of e-commerce within fashion brands on this part of the world and what social media platforms are best to make use of in this country. We also talk about the rising popularity of pop-up stores and the importance of live events for any fashion brand that hopes to relate to their audiences nowadays.


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