Social Media Ads Battle: Facebook VS Twitter



When brands and advertisers think about advertising on social media, their first thought is usually Facebook. But a recent study from Resolution, a social and search advertising focused agency, found that Twitter ads might actually be where it’s at. According to the study, it seems twitter has a greater click through rate, meaning more users are willing to click on an ad on Twitter versus Facebook.

Facebook has been getting some heat lately, as it now requires brands to promote their content with paid ads to be seen. In theory every user who clicks the like button on a page is saying they want to receive messages from those brands. However, Facebook announced that only 16% of fans are seeing your posts, and they recently changed up their algorithm again to remove ‘News feed spam’. So Facebook is failing to deliver those messages 84% of the time because brands that are paying for promoted content will come up first in the newsfeed.

Now, I’m not saying that as a brand you should completely abandon Facebook. I recommend instead that brands test both platforms to see which performs better for them. Start by researching where your target demographic is spending most of their time. For example, Twitter is a great platform to leverage when marketing to Brazil or Argentina, but Facebook has much higher usage in India.

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Next, ensure that your ads are relevant and engaging for your audience – promote your best content. In Twitter, use clear calls to action that will inspire users to click on your links. On Facebook, use high quality, eye-catching images and inviting copy. In both cases, ensure that the landing page experience is excellent for your customers so they’ll stay and shop. Once your ads are running look at the metrics regularly. Determine which ads are resulting in new fans or followers, driving more clicks, and converting into sales. Invest more in the platform that works for you.

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