Attracting Higher Quality Customers


I can’t believe the year is almost over. 2015 where did you go? As we each reflect on our accomplishments this year, and start planning for 2016, a recurring question that has been lingering on marketers mind: how can we attract higher quality customers at a fraction of the cost? As customer grow increasingly suspicious of claims coming directly from brands, which marketing efforts can generate new customers in today’s marketplace?
The leading winner: Influencer marketing. Organic search / SEO and online advertising are too mature to provide cost-effective growth. Marketing and advertising are shifting to a more “native” form concealing promotion as articles, product placements, and blogger collaborations.

So how can you as a business:
1 – Get bloggers to write back and collaborate with you
2 – Setting-up winning campaigns
3 – Measure your return on investment
4 – Get more customers

I created a Skillshare Influencer Marketing class, answering these very questions. In this 1-hour class, I provide tools needed to craft winning influencer marketing campaigns. Knowing which influencer / blogger to work can be a frustrating trial and error process. The more influential the blogger, the less likely they will respond.

This class is FREE for 7 days.  I encourage you to enroll and participate in the class assignment, by clicking on this link or image above >> 

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