VD1: The #1 e-commerce mistake to avoid

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There are thousand of e-commerce stores out there but setting your business from the competition can be hard. Getting traffic to your online store is an achievement in itself. Surprisingly, many online fashion businesses make the same e-commerce mistake when launching their store. They are unable to convert their inbound traffic into potential buyers and grow their audience.

So let’s take a step back: Why do people shop online?

They shop online because it’s convenient and enables them to find unique products for their specific needs.

However, when shopping online, many users are vigilant as to whom they decide to do business with. Before making a transaction; most users want to ensure the brand they are about to engage with is reputable and professional. Therefore, online fashion businesses must help establish this trust.

Don’t assume that people will buy from you just because they like your products. That’s a terrible e-commerce mistake to make.

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And No, contact forms do not count – another e-commerce mistake. We all know what happens when we fill out a contact form; our request goes into the abyss.

It’s vital for online fashion businesses to include a phone number, an email address and even a Live Chat
 component. I am often surprised by how many online stores do not have a clear / prominent contact
information. It’s basic and crucial.

In this video, I will talk about how you can avoid making a costly e-commerce mistake.

  • Be available to answer your customers questions in a timely manner.
  • Show that you are here to help them through their purchasing decision.
  • Provide at least 2 types of contact information

Here are some services you can help you upgrade your customer service and ensure your client can contact you anytime:

  1. Prominent Email
  2. Phone number – 1-800 and International: Ring CentralSkype
  3. Live chat component: Live Chat ; Bold Chat; Zopim

Being a responsive online fashion business and offering guidance to your potential customers will have a positive reflection on your brand.

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