VD4: 3 tricks to grow your international inbound traffic

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A healthy inbound traffic is necessary to  expand your business internationally. When looking to grow your international inbound traffic, it’s important to put together a digital strategy that goes beyond social media management. You need to put in place other digital marketing initiatives  to help expand your reach. Social Media should only complement those efforts.

In this video, I will provide you with 3 tricks to grow your international inbound traffic:

1)      Multi-channel selling:
Multi-channel selling is crucial for any brand looking to grow their international audience. Beyond your e-commerce website, as a merchant you should sell in public marketplaces, like Ebay, Overstock, Etsy and Amazon.  I also recommend you tap into shopping-comparison sites like Shopzilla.com, Shopping.com, Buy.com, Froogle etc… These public marketplaces help bring millions of shoppers to various e-commerce sites daily.

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Additionally, shoppers in these sites have a 12% greater buying frequency than anywhere else.

2)      ADS:
ADs are a must for any small e-commerce business out there. They  are extremely powerful and have proven track records. They enable brands to reach a targeted audience within limited budgets. Test the waters with various Ads in different platforms (Facebook, Twitter or Google)

Watch for promoted Pinterest Pins,  just launched in March 2014. Keep an eye out for further  development.

Contest are a great way to grow your audience and build engagement. The trick here is to create a compelling contest that people will want to participate in. Get your creative juices flowing. Additionally, you will need to include an irresistible giveaway. 20% off your merchandise won’t cut it. Now, concert tickets or a $500 shopping spree will entice most people to participate.

You can create contest in each of these different platforms:

  • Polyvore: Create a contest by inviting participants to create boards. You can hand select winners by just reviewing submissions.
  • Twitter (GLEAM.IO)
  • Instagram (ICONOSQUARE)
  • Pinterest (PIQUORA)

Don’t be shy and try all these different platforms. Remember, if you want your e-commerce store to be successful you will need a healthy international inbound traffic. You should aim for 5,000 to 10,000 unique visitors per month.

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