EP#11: Taking the first step towards e-commerce w. Printful



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Taking the first steps towards starting your e-commerce business can be confusing and overwhelming – there are many services and platforms available out there with contractive information on how to get started.

When launching an e-commerce business, nothing is as important as taking that first step. Having a “just do it” mindset will help you gain first-hand knowledge on customer’s likes and dislikes.

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It will enable you to put in practice marketing and e-commerce tactics you read online and shift your business organically. Action is the key to success.

In this podcast, I interviewed, Julia Gifford, Head of Communication at Printful, an order fulfillment and print on demand drop shipping service.

ThePrintful.com enables you to print on demand, shirts, canvases, pillows and other arrays of products while handling fulfillment / shipping for you. All you have to do as a new business is worry about building your website and getting orders. This platform is great for individuals just wanting to get started in e-commerce as it has a low-commitment model. You are not required to buy a huge stock list like other platforms require. Therefore, if you want to test out the water and gain first-hand knowledge on how to grow your business organically – you can do so today by just listening to this podcast.

I asked Julia, to provide additional insights on Printful services along with quick tips on how to get you started today.

Listen now, to learn:
– How Printful can help you set-up your e-commerce business
– Which services are provided by Printful
– Key to quality checking your products
– Lesson on return / fullfillment practices
– How to calculate your profits
and more….

Reach out to @theprintful if you have additional questions on how you can take the first step towards e-commerce.

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