VD11: Get Inspired To Create Fun Marketing Content

If you can’t see video above, click here: http://youtu.be/ZoAUFUDgC_Y

You know that feeling when you hit a major creative roadblock, incapable of coming up with new ideas. Well, that was me last week. Everything I came up with was lame. So I had to face the harsh reality that it’s time to take “MOI” to the museum.

To stand out from your competition, you need stellar marketing content to sell your product or you will fall into a marketing black hole.

In this video, you will find a few tips to help you get inspired again:

1) Brainstorm
Brainstorm and get those creative juices flowing again. Browse through photography and images on sites like WeHeartIt and Inspiration Grid.

2) Expand your content bank
Sharing the same type of content every month will get stale. Create a list of potential content you could share sporadically. Do not be afraid to push the envelope – perhaps share every other week a music playlist, a tutorial or traveling tips. I love to use Evernote to jot down ideas as they come to me.

3) Curate Content
To stay fresh, make sure to sprinkle in curated content within your editorial calendar. Review what is going in the news and comment on topics that relate to your brand. Leverage tools like Scoop.it or EverPost as they will help you find best content for you by crawling the web for specific keywords.

Conclusion: Remember to have fun and let your passion shine. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when managing your business. That’s why stepping away from your computer to recharge your creative batteries is essential for the health of your business.

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