Why “build it and they will come” is just a line from a movie

If You Build it They Will Come... Just Kidding...

Many businesses think that building a reliable product is enough to bring them customers they deserve. They want their brand to be organically discovered and grow their audience through word of mouth. Unfortunately, this misconception is what hurts most e-commerce businesses out there.

Digital advertising and marketing get a bad rep. However, they are necessary to grow your business.

[Tweet “You will not go from zero to 10,000 subscribers strictly using social media.”]

So how can you get started?

Below are tactics I have used in the past that have proved effective. Now keep in mind, you will need to invest at least three solid months with any of these tactics to notice results and an increase in your customer base.

1) Be consistent and share daily:
Share content daily. Yes, you heard it right! The more content your propagate, the more your chances of it getting discovered. Download these free editorial templates from coschedule to help get you organized.  Share your latest products using engaging photography, and/or video. Focus your attention on three to four social media networks. If you are in fashion, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube are your platforms of choice.
Be playful with what you share. Make sure that it will be worthy for your customers. Perhaps a monthly look-book, followed by weekly styling tips. Whatever you decide, stay consistent.

2) Promote your content:
You will want to promote your content either via Facebook promoted Ads, Twitter Cards or Outbrain.
Outbrain promotes your content on premium publishing sites. Either of these platforms, allow you to set daily limits so you won’t break your piggy bank. Start with a small $100 investment on each platform for one week. Review results and continue accordingly.

3) Create Google Ad Words:
Google Ad Words enables you to rank high for specific keywords. Pick keywords that best describe your product and invest accordingly. Google Ad Words will help you pick keywords that best fit your needs. Also, try to find discounts codes for first-time users, so you can test different keywords at no cost.

4) Create Weekly Youtube Content:
Youtube is an extremely powerful platform.

[Tweet “YouTube is the number Two search engine in the world.”]

Additionally, YouTube visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product online after watching video. If you decide to create a YouTube channel, you will need to create weekly content and advertise. You can advertise by listing your channel on youtube’s fan finder and youtube ads.
Sproutsocial does a great job providing additional tips on how to make your YouTube channel discoverable, in this post.  Video is one of the most shareable types of content online, which is why it has become an integral part of brands’ marketing and advertising strategies.

Conclusion: When driving audiences to your site, make sure to have an opt-in offer so they can subscribe to your list. Finding new customers is costly and time consuming. It’s, therefore, vital to obtain website visitors’ email addresses to continue the conversation with these potential customers.

Want more tactics in how to grow your audience? Watch my video on how to grow your audience from scratch. 


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