Cyber Monday - online shopping and marketing concept

Are you ready for Cyber Monday and the Holiday Season?

This year Cyber Monday falls on December 1st. Putting a strategy in place to stand out from the crowd and target the right demographic is key.

Most people shop online for the holidays and the numbers keep on growing. Retail e-commerce is expected to grow by 16.6% in the US this year, so this is your opportunity as a brand to boost your sales this Holiday Season.

Here is what you should do to get ready:

1) Set-up your email campaign – you are spending time and money attracting new customers to your e-commerce site, so ensure that you have a way to capture their information. Now remember, you need to lure them into your mailing list. Sorry to break it to you but if you tell them join our awesome mailing list to receive latest products via email, no one will sign-up. Provide a free track, or a look book or some cool infographics – be creative here.

2) Have a freebie – the Holiday season is all about giving, so give back to your customers! Set-up a freebie with any holiday shopping sales. Perhaps give away a free tote bag or shirt. Add urgency to your message so people understand it is a limited offer.

3) Go Mobile – 101.7 million US consumers are expected to make purchases via their mobile device this holiday season. Increase your mobile traffic with highly targeted ads, email promotions, or push notifications from your store’s mobile app. Also be sure to test your mobile experience all the way through checkout on multiple devices.

Want to get more tips like this?

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In 30 days, you won’t become a millionaire, or own a unicorn, unless you win the lottery of course. But you can set the right habits in place to attract more customers this 2014 Holiday season.

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