EP#25: Grow Your Audience w.out Solely Relying On Social Media – Yaro Starak


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Something we all struggle with as business owners is keeping our customers attention while continuing to grow our audience.
People’s ability to discriminate content is becoming more sophisticated. As the Internet gets more crowded, it is increasingly difficult to get through the clutter. And countless hours spent on social media, do not necessarily translate to additional traffic and sales.

So how can you grow your audience more effectively? How can you create a deeper connection with your customer? How can you with a smaller audience meet your sales goals?

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Meet Yaro Starak, serial entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster and the mind behind Entrepreneurs-Journey.com. He has been blogging since 2004 and made over a million dollars selling various digital products.

In this podcast, he shares the number one reason most online businesses fail and how you can grow your audience without solely relying on social media. Many businesses do not have a proper follow-up process in place. Yaro explains that content is the bait, and your website is the net. It is, therefore, crucial to capture visitor’s emails while they are on your site. Otherwise, you might lose a potential customer forever. Many businesses fail to have compelling opt-in offers to encourage email subscription. Emails are the direct link to your customers. It reminds your customers that you exist while building a more meaningful relationship with them.

Yaro, however, encourages setting up different email sign-up touch points to gain marketing intelligence. It’s important to tap into your demographic to understand what is going on. For example, Yaro in his blog discusses various topics from productivity, entrepreneurship to marketing. Throughout his website, he has three different opt-in offers geared to attract customers with whichever specific interest.

Marketing insight and understanding the buying psychology of your customers will help create more thought provoking content and hence attract more customers. What do they need? What appeals to them? A business with a good content strategy has studied what their customers want and provided it back to them. Additionally, Yaro suggests adding into the mix a counter-intuitive technique to peak your customer’s interest (just like I did with this podcast title if you noticed). Create a hook by going against accepted practices. The more radical the content, the easier for brands to set themselves apart from the competition.

Listen to this podcast to learn:

  • How to create hook / counter-intuitive content to set you apart from the competition
  • Email strategies tactics to retain your customer’s attention
  • Trust building tips
  • Importance of marketing insight and content strategy


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