VD64: iPhone 6s features for content producers

I caved in and bought an iPhone 6s because it’s so much better than the iPhone 6. Well surprisingly enough, it does have some great features for content producers. I have been very happy with camera and overall image / video quality. I personally, no longer need to carry my heavy DSLR or GoPro. But besides great video quality, the iPhone 6s comes with iMovie. I can now edit videos on the go and upload them directly to Youtube. Content creation has never been easier.

So why is the iPhone 6s the bomb?

1) 12-megapixel camera and 4K video: The new camera has improved autofocus for better image and video quality. 4K video meaning you could shoot a cinematic feature directly from your phone. Now, I do recommend investing on a selfie stick to stabilize your shots (I know this sounds silly – but makes a huge difference). You might also want to add to your arsenal a microphone like the Zoom iQ6
Finally, the iPhone6s introduces a Live Photo feature – think of it as a sophisticated gif – a blend of short video and still photos. How cool is that?

2) Video Editing on Your Phone: iMovie works seamlessly. I tested it by editing a few of my Snapchat clips, adding music and uploading final video to YouTube. Now, it doesn’t allow for all the effects available on Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro, but it does the job.¬†You can simply add all your different clips to iMovie and edit them accordingly. You can upload your Periscope, Snapchat directly on Youtube or Vimeo in a heartbeat. Great, for anyone who is covering news breaking events.

The iPhone6s features are great for any content creators. Which other device out there allows you to do it all within the same interface?

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